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System for Recording and Transmission of Physiological Signals by Radio Channel

Main Features:

Poly-Spectrum-Radio system is intended for the recording and transmission of the physiological signals (ECG and breath rhythm) from a man or an animal by radiochannel on 900 MHz frequency. The recorded signals are displayed on the PC screen located up to 300 meters away from the transmitter in the real-time mode and saved in the transmitter and PC memory. The system allows performing the signals recording from several patients simultaneously. The possibility to save the transmitted signal in the transmitter memory allows to avoid data losses in case of radio traffic blackout.


  • Cardiology
  • Sports medicine (exercise testing, control of physiological parameters during the trainings)
  • Rehabilitation medicine and balneology (control of physiological parameters during rehabilitation procedures, walks, massages, sauna, physiotherapeutic procedures and balneological treatment)
  • Professional medicine (control of physiological parameters during the performing of the professional activity including the employees of security, defense and law enforcement agencies, Emergency Control Ministry, fire prevention)
  • Scientific researches in the area of human physiology (including the impossibility of the experimenter and the tracer equipment location in the experiment area)

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Signal Transmission

Convenient Fastening of Transmitter on a Human Body

The electronic unit of a transmitter with the built-in antenna is placed on a man’s body and fixed with the use of the clip on the belt or other parts of the clothes. In case it is impossible to fix the transmitter unit on the clothes, it can be fastened to the rubber tape located on a man’s chest. The five-electrode ECG cable is connected to the transmitter. The ECG electrodes (5 pieces) are set on the chest (or other parts of the body). The electrodes with the use of the cable are connected to the transmitter unit. It is possible to connect the airflow sensor. It is placed on a man’s face.

Transmitter On/Off Using One Button

The transmitter has a built-in memory to save the information in case of failures during the radio traffic. If it is necessary, the data stored in the transmitter memory can be downloaded to the computer. To do this, the transmitter is connected to the computer via USB by the special cable which is included in the base delivery set. Using the same cable the transmitter can be programmed (sampling rate, carrier frequency, real-time clock, etc.).

Transmitter Power Supply

The transmitter power supply is performed from two batteries or rechargeable batteries of AAA type installed into the battery compartment.

Signal Receiving

Arrangement and Operation of Receiver

The receiver is placed on up to 300 meters distance from the transmitter and connected to the computer via USB interface.

The pickup antenna is connected to the receiver with the use of coaxial cable. The receiver performs the signals reception and transmission to the computer via USB cable.  

Modifications of Poly-Spectrum-Radio Receiver

The receivers are manufactured in two variants: the base one (with possibility of simultaneous operation with one transmitter) and multi-receiving (with possibility of simultaneous operation with four transmitters). Up to four transmitters can operate simultaneously (up to eight if you use two receivers) without interfering each other with frequency. At that the corresponding number of receivers of the base modification or one multi-receiving variant for each four transmitters should be applied. In case the required number of USB ports for all the transmitters connection to the computer is not available, you can use the standard USB hub.

Signal Storage and Analysis

The software displaying all the recorded signals in the real-time mode is installed on the computer. It saves all the data in the computer memory and performs its analysis with the use of Poly-Spectrum-RhythmPoly-Spectrum-ErgoPoly-Spectrum-Sport software (two last software options are provided by a special order).

The support of H7 interface allows integrating all diagnostic Neurosoft systems to information system of clinics.

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