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Cardiac Rehabilitation with ECG Control

Main Features:

  • cardiac rehabilitation in up to 16* patients simultaneously supervised by one physiotherapist
  • wireless ECG monitoring
  • dynamic control of all rehabilitation parameters at a single workstation
  • individual training protocols, complex rehabilitation programs
  • 6 different models of ergometers and treadmills are supported

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Cardiac Rehabilitation in up to 16* Patients Simultaneously Supervised by One Physiotherapist

The exercise room can be equipped with up to 16 training devices. Thus the patient capacity of such room is 80 training sessions per day, 400 ones is per week and 1600 ones - per month.

Wireless ECG Monitoring

High-quality 12-lead ECG is recorded with Poly-Spectrum-8/EX
digital system and is sent to physiotherapist’s workstation via Bluetooth. Thus the obtained ECG is free from movement artifacts and noises.

Dynamic Control of all Rehabilitation Parameters at Physiotherapist’s Workstation

The first monitor shows text data of all trained patients including the current and target heart rate, load, blood pressure, ECG system battery charge and graphic data representing one ECG lead or load and pulse curves.
The second monitor is intended to review a patient’s single training session data including 12-channel ECG.

Individual Training Protocols, Complex Rehabilitation Programs

You can set different load: constant-load, interval, arbitrary or heart-rate-targeted. The training protocol is configured for each patient individually. The load can be automatically changed to keep the target HR. 

Alarm System

The software is equipped with color and sound alarms to notify when patient’s parameters exceed the specified level. When the alarm is activated, the software can automatically modify the current training session parameters to avoid patient’s complications.

Different Ergometers and Treadmills are Supported

Cycle ergometers:

  • Lode Corival
  • Kettler E-series
  • E-bike


  • Lode Valiant
  • GE
  • TrackMaster
The support of H7 interface allows integrating all diagnostic Neurosoft systems to information system of clinics.