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Digital Instrument for Autonomic Nervous System Study

Main Features:

  • complex study of the autonomic nervous system with time and frequency domain HRV analysis
  • simultaneous study of heart rate and respiratory rate
  • cardiovascular reflex tests by D. Ewing - “gold standard” of ANS assessment
  • automatic report generation

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Complex study of the autonomic nervous system with the use of such techniques as:

  • heart rate variability analysis (HRV) at rest according to the International standard (“Heart Rate Variability Standards of Measurement, Physiological Interpretation, and Clinical Use”, 1996);
  • heart rate variability analysis at orthostatic test;
  • diagnostics of diabetic and alcoholic neuropathy with the use of the cardiovascular reflex tests recommended on the conference in San-Antonio (1998) (standard battery of tests according to D. Ewing);
  • cross-analysis of the heart rate and breath rate variability allowing to assess synchronization of the related systems (wide scatter of breath rates at rest can be an early sign of psychovegetative disorders).

Simultaneous study of heart rate and breath rate:

VNS-Micro ensures the simultaneous study of heart rate and breath rate and also performs cross-analysis of heart rate (HRV) and breath rate variability (BRV).

HRV and BRV cross-analysis ensures correct interpretation of results in patients with the rare breath rhythm and in children.

Cardiovascular reflex tests by D. Ewing — “gold standard” of ANS assessment:

VNS-Micro implements the cardiovascular reflex test battery by D. Ewing which, in spite of the long existence, remains the “gold standard” of ANS assessment, in particular for the patients suffering from diabetic and toxic autonomic neuropathy.

The software provides the complex assessment in scores with the graphical and text interpretation. This “star-shaped” graphical interpretation allows to confirm that the patient has (no) autonomic neuropathy as well as to monitor the disorder dynamics during the patient’s observation and treatment.


You can take VNS-Micro and the laptop with you on site. The device is powered from the laptop via the USB cable. Data from the vegetotester are transferred to the PC (again via the USB cable). You can record HRV in any spot: even if the laptop is not supplied from mains the device will be supplied from the laptop battery.

Automatic report generation

After HRV assessment and cardiovascular test analysis the report is generated. It includes rhythmograms, spectrograms, tables of measurements and automatic interpretation. The physician can make any changes to the report. It is possible to generate and print the report automatically.

The support of H7 interface allows integrating all diagnostic Neurosoft systems to information system of clinics.

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