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Software for ECG Recording and Analysis on Communicator or Pocket PC

Main Features:

  • Full-scale 12-channel ECG recording on the communicator or Pocket PC
  • High quality of recording
  • ECG measurement and interpretation
  • Heart rate variability analysis
  • Bluetooth interface to connect digital ECG system to communicator or Pocket PC
  • Recording duration limited only by communicator or Pocket PC memory capacity
  • Transfer of recorded ECG to any computer connected to Internet with the use of GPRS technology for GSM networks and other technologies for 3G networks

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  • Organization of medical consultations for the remote first-aid stations or the mobile medical teams
  • Ambulatory ECG recording and analysis
  • Equipping of doctors from tourist and expedition groups

Poly-Spectrum-Mobile Features

Full-scale 12-Channel ECG Recording on Communicator or Pocket PC

At the use of Poly-Spectrum-8/EX wireless digital ECG system Poly-Spectrum-Mobile software allows performing ECG studies on the communicator or Pocket PC with the same quality as on the desktop PC-based computers. Simultaneously one can record all 12 standard ECG leads.

Attention! The delivery set below is recomended by Neurosoft. However, it can differ from country to country. Request the actual delivery set for your country from your local representative.

Recommended Delivery Set

 for ECG Transmission:

  • Communicator with Bluetooth interface and Windows Mobile 5.0 and higher operating system
  • Poly-Spectrum-Mobile software
  • Poly-Spectrum-8/EX digital ECG system

for ECG Receiving:

  • Desktop or notebook PC-based system connected to Internet
  • Poly-Spectrum software with Poly-Spectrum-Analysis option for ECG measurement and interpretation