Delivery Set

The delivery set can differ from country to country. Request the actual delivery set for your country from your local representative.

Equipment for polysomnography studies "Neuron-Spectrum-PSG"1 pcs.
Cup EP electrode with cable (white, 1.5 m)14 pcs.
Cable for disposable electrode: button clip – touch-proof (red, 1.5 m)2 pcs.
Cable for disposable electrode: button clip – touch-proof (black, 1.5 m)2 pcs.
Cable for disposable electrode: button clip – touch-proof (red, 2.5 m)2 pcs.
Cable for disposable electrode: button clip – touch-proof (black, 2.5 m)2 pcs.
Disposable ECG electrode PG10S, PG10S/RU2630 pcs.
AS-8/A-20 airflow sensor (adult)1 pcs.
AS-8/P-20 airflow sensor (pediatric)1 pcs.
SS-1 snoring sensor1 pcs.
IES-1-22 inductive thoracic and abdominal respiratory effort sensor (for stationary polysomnographs, 2.2 m)1 pcs.
PS-1-20 body position sensor1 pcs.
LS-1 light sensor1 pcs.
3017LP Xpod oximeter1 pcs.
8000SS-3 soft sensor, reusable, small1 pcs.
8000SM-3 soft sensor, reusable, medium1 pcs.
8000SL-3 soft sensor, reusable, large1 pcs.
PTZ IP 4x zoom dome camera Dahua1 pcs.
Hanging Mount Adapter Dahua PFA1031 pcs.
Wall Mount Bracket Dahua DH-PFB30251 pcs.
Video camera tripod HAMA Star61, 600-1530 mm1 pcs.
GST25E12-P1J Industrial adaptor (Mean Well)1 pcs.
Camera tripod mount plate1 pcs.
Patch cord UTP3 pcs.
Wireless router1 pcs.
USB-LAN hub КМ-52Е1 pcs.
KM-52Е USB/LAN hub1 pcs.
SCZ-1 mains supply cable1 pcs.
Technical manual «KМ-52Е USB-LAN Hub»1 pcs.
Power extension cable1 pcs.
Neuron-Spectrum-PU/PSG patient unit1 pcs.
Cable PU/PSG C-4P1 pcs.
Shoulder strap1 pcs.
Technical manual «Neuron-Spectrum-PU/PSG patient unit»1 pcs.
Transpore medical tape1 pcs.
Ten20 сonductive paste1 pcs.
Technical Manual «Neuron-Spectrum-1, 2, 3, 4, 4/Р»1 pcs.
Technical manual «AS-7, AS-8, AS-9, AS-10 Airflow Sensors»1 pcs.
Technical manual «SS-1, SS-1-08 Snoring Sensors»1 pcs.
Technical manual «ES-4-05, ES-4-22 Chest and Abdominal Res-piratory Effort Sensors»1 pcs.
Technical manual «PS-1-20, PS-2-05, PS-2-22 Body Position Sensors»1 pcs.
Technical manual «Neuron-Spectrum-PU5, Neuron-Spectrum-PU6 patient units»1 pcs.
Guidelines "Xpod® Model 3017LP External-wired Pulse Oximeter connection to devices manufactured by Neurosoft LLC"1 pcs.
Technical manual “Electrodes for EMG and EP Studies”1 pcs.
Guidelines "Dahua DH-SD29204T-GN Video Camera"1 pcs.
Package set1 pcs.
License for Neuron-Spectrum.NET software with additional Neuron-Spectrum.NET/PSG software module1 pcs.
Neuron-Spectrum.NET software license with additional Neuron-Spectrum.NET/Video software module1 pcs.


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