Software and Equipment for Polysomnography Studies

  • Neuron-Spectrum-PSG system complements digital EEG systems of Neuron-Spectrum series by transforming EEG systems to complete PSG system. Long-term synchronous recording of EEG, polygraphic channels, video and audio information, sleep stage analysis and analysis of sleep-disordered breathing arrange a combination required for high-quality PSG study. The convenience and the simplicity for use make Neuron-Spectrum-PSG an indispensable helper during PSG recording and scoring. This system provides new possibilities for diagnostics, prevention and treatment of such widespread diseases as essential hypertension, obesity, arrhythmias, infarctions, strokes.




Long-term recording of EEG, EOG, EMG from chin area, ECG, airflow, chest movements, abdominal movements, body position, snoring, SpO2, EMG from limbs (limb movements), PPT, CO2, CPAP pressure, etc.

Automatic and manual sleep stage scoring, hypnogram creation, automatic calculation of large number of sleep parameters, construction of bar chart of sleep stage distribution

Automatic search and classification of apnea and hypopnea events, desaturation, snoring, limb movement and periodic limb movement events

Visualization of HR, body position, SpO2 trends

Calculation of indices of sleep-disordered breathing and desaturations, parameters of snoring, heart rate variability, limb movement and periodic limb movement, change of body position both separately and considering sleep stage analysis

Generation of PSG exam report including graphic data (hypnogram, trends, sleep-disordered breathing, desaturation, snoring, limb movement and periodic limb movement events), calculation results of sleep parameters and sleep-disordered breathing parameters, bar charts of sleep stage distribution

Possibility of the synchronous recording of video and audio information with the further synchronous review

Quick disconnection and connection of a patient and the recording equipment without electrode removal using the additional switching patient unit

The portable patient unit allows a patient to feel herself/himself more comfortable during the night monitoring.

Delivery Set

The delivery set can differ from country to country. Request the actual delivery set for your country from your local representative.

Wireless router1 pcs.
USB-LAN hub КМ-52Е1 pcs.
KM-52Е USB/LAN hub1 pcs.
SCZ-1 mains supply cable1 pcs.
Technical manual «KМ-52Е USB-LAN Hub»1 pcs.
Power extension cable1 pcs.
Neuron-Spectrum-PU5 рatient unit1 pcs.
The coloured trim Neuron-Spectrum-4/P front panel with marked PSG inputs1 pcs.
Ten20 сonductive paste1 pcs.
Transpore medical tape1 pcs.
Technical manual «AS-7, AS-8, AS-9, AS-10 Airflow Sensors»1 pcs.
Technical Manual «Electrodes for EMG and EP Studies»1 pcs.
Guidelines "Dahua DH-SD29204T-GN Video Camera"1 pcs.
Technical manual «Neuron-Spectrum-PU5, Neuron-Spectrum-PU6 patient units»1 pcs.
Package set1 pcs.
License for Neuron-Spectrum.NET software with additional Neuron-Spectrum.NET/PSG software module1 pcs.
Neuron-Spectrum.NET software license with additional Neuron-Spectrum.NET/Video software module1 pcs.


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