Tests on our new mobile ECG registration system have been completed successfully. The system enables sending the recorded ECG via e-mail using GPRS.

The system consists of the following components:

  1. pocket computer in type of Rover PC Р5 ($350) with ECG registration program installed (costs about $200)
  2. 12-channel electrocardiographer "Poly-Spectrum-8" ($850)
  3. mobile phone with GPRS support, for example, Siemens S55 etc. (about $200)

The electrocardiographer is connected to a pocket PC through Internet using USB-interface. With the help of the installed program ECG is recorded. The recorded ECG is sent as an ordinary letter via e-mail. At that the connection to Internet is made using the mobile phone. The letter can be sent to any computer connected to Internet. To read the ECG received with the letter it is enough to install the "Poly-Spectrum-Express" program.

Thus, a set for the transmission of complete 12-channel ECG without any wiring costs about $1600. The only requirement is GPRS-service available during sending the letter.

This page last updated on October 13, 2003.