On 22 October, 2002 Tatyana Borisovna Dmitrieva, the Director of Serbsky State Social and Judicial Psychiatry Scientific Center, a member of the Academy, visited the NeuroSoft company. The honorary guest was greatly interested in the newly developed NeuroSoft apparatus that have no analogs in Russia: the "Neuron-Spectrum-4" electroencephalograph, the "Neuro-MEP-4" electroneuromyograph providing audio, visual, somatosensory and cognitive (P300) evoked brain potentials study, and the "Neuro-MS" magnetic stimulator. Tatyana Borisovna said she wanted to purchase the apparatus for her scientific center.

Vladimir Sergeevich Grishin, the chairman of the Ivanovo Region Legislative Assembly, was also present at the meeting.

All the NeuroSoft staff were charmed with Tatyana Borisovna!