On 18 October, 2002 Konstantin Victorovich Sudakov, the Director of Russian AMS (Medical Science Academy) Anohin Sane Physiology Research Institute, a member of the Academy, visited the NeuroSoft company on business.

Konstantin Victorovich observed the high quality of the medical equipment produced by NeuroSoft. Particular attention was paid to the apparatus specially developed for Gagarin Astronaut Training Center. This device enables the estimation of Astronaut trainees' stress level during endurance tests. Konstantin Victorovich proposed collaboration in creating of mass demand apparatus for clinical diagnostics.

The meeting was also visited by Professor Shilyaev, honored scientist, the ISMA (Ivanovo State Medical Academy) Rector, Doctor of Medicine, Professor Chemodanov, the ISMA Science Pro-rector, Doctor of Medicine, Professor Nikolayenkov, the ISMA Studies Pro-rector, Professor Nazarov, the Head of the Sane Physiology Department, Doctor of Medicine (by the way, on 17 October the member of the Academy Sudakov was awarded a Diploma of Honorary ISMA Professor.