October - 2002


26.10.2002  [08:19]
If you yourself are going to purchase a computer for a NeuroSoft apparatus, it is recommended to read the article "Choosing a computer on your own". The reference is in the products section.
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25.10.2002  [13:42]
On 22 October, 2002 Tatyana Borisovna Dmitrieva, the Director of Serbsky State Social and Judicial Psychiatry Scientific Center, a member of the Academy, visited the NeuroSoft company.
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25.10.2002  [11:40]
On 18 October, 2002 Konstantin Victorovich Sudakov, the Director of Russian AMS (Medical Science Academy) Anohin Sane Physiology Research Institute, a member of the Academy, visited the NeuroSoft company on business.
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24.10.2002  [13:32]
From May 2002 the NeuroSoft company delivers the "Neuron-Spectrum-1" electroencephalographs, the "Rheo-Spectrum-2" and "Rheo-Spectrum-2/ла" rheographs to the RF Department of Defense medical divisions. The devices are dispatched through the CDMA (Central Defense Medicine Administration) that had invited tenders won by our company.
14.10.2002  [11:33]
The "From research to clinical practice" Russian National Cardiologists' congress took part in St. Petersburg from the 8th to 11th of October, 2002. NeuroSoft Company was a sponsor of the congress.
02.10.2002  [11:12]
Supplies of the new "Neuron-Spectrum-1" 8-canal electroencephalograph modification have begun. In contract to the previous one the modification provides exchange with the computer through the USB interface rather than the consecutive interface (COM-port). The main advantage of the new modification is the higher reliability of stimulators functioning that are now operated by their own built-in processor.