The software package delivered with each of our products includes Neurosoft PAK-file manager. This program considerably facilitates work with examination archives.

If Neurosoft PAK-file manager is set on your computer, it is sufficient to point the mouse cursor to an archive file (extension .pak) and double clicking the left mouse button will automatically copy the archive into the active database, at this the relevant application will load and open the first examination from archive for viewing.

This procedure is especially convenient to be used for e-mail data exchange. Double click the nested e-mail letter and the data of examination added to the letter can be analysed.

Neurosoft PAK-file manager enters by default the distributive Database Administrator but now it can be obtained separately.

Neurosoft PAK-file manager intercepts the extension ".ps8", i.e. after setting up a program double clicking the ".ps8" extension file will open Poly-Spectrum instead of Poly-Spectrum-Express. If it does not suit you reset Poly-Spectrum-Express after setting up Neurosoft PAK- file manager.

This page last updated on March 16, 2004.