March - 2004


23.03.2004  [17:23]
A two-week research was done in the Youri Gagarin Cosmonauts Training Centre on nervous and psychological stability in conditions of the controlled information ecological environment (during the prolonged (5 days and nights) stay of the examinee in the surdochamber). Electroencephallograph Neuron-Spectrum-4 and video monitoring system Neuron-Spectrum-Video were used during the investigation.
19.03.2004  [16:14]
The employees of our company Evgeniy Brodin and Olga Semenova have been granted the patent on "The technique and device for measuring intracavity parameters".
16.03.2004  [14:51]
The software package delivered with each of our products includes Neurosoft PAK-file manager. This program considerably facilitates work with examination archives.
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11.03.2004  [15:56]
Now Forum has a new section "Invitations to buy the used equipment". If you need to buy or sell used pieces of equipment made by Neurosoft look into this section recurrently.
10.03.2004  [10:27]
The article "How to choose the computer?" has been updated.
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10.03.2004  [09:11]
Elena Sabirova, a Neurosoft company's doctor, won the title "Mrs Charming" at the contest "Mrs Ivanovo-2004" held on the 5-th of March.

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