March - 2003


31.03.2003  [16:24]
On April, 9-10 in Star Camp The Fifth international scientific-and-practical conference "Man-tended missions in cosmos" will take place. The specialists of our company will participate in it. They will make a speech about the results of a sea training of cosmonaut contenders at survival. About this training was told in news of 06.04.2002
  31.03.2003  [16:17]
International symposium "Variability of heart rhythm" under a motto "From daring ideas to very practical applications" will take place on April, 17-18. One of the members of the symposium's scientific committee is our collaborator V.M. Michailov. On April, 17 he will read a lecture "Quantitative estimation of a current functional status and a diagnostic significance of functional tests VSR in neurology (syncopalic states, vertebral column osteochondrozis) and rehabilitation medicine".