The most important feature of the new type of the "Neuron-Spectrum" encephalographers is physical and moral longevity!
The device has not to be changed for a very long time


The following novelties of 2003 are offered:

"Neuron-Spectrum-4/EP" = 21 EEG channel (up to 32 digital leads)
+ 4 channels of SHORT-LATENCY EP
+ complete set of electrodes and stimulators
+ double set of EEG electrodes
+ computer
+ 3-year warranty = $8480;

"Neuron-Spectrum-4" = 21 EEG channel (up to 32 digital leads)
+ double set of EEG electrodes
+ computer
+ 3-year warranty = $6780;

"Neuron-Spectrum-3" = 19 EEG channels (up to 32 digital leads)
+ computer
+ 2-year warranty = $5780;

"Neuron-Spectrum-2" = 16 EEG channels (up to 32 digital leads)
+ computer
+ 2-year warranty = $5180;

We also continue producing the easy and durable "Neuron-Spectrum-1" 8-channel encephalographer at the price of $3930.

All the devices can be hire-purchased!

Every neurophysiologist wants to use good equipment. Many import devices are excellent, but very expensive. For example, the "Voyager" encephalographer of "Nicolet" , American company, costs $43 000 and more. However, the financing of Russian medicine leaves much to be desured…

It is a dream of everyone to possess equipment that will be durable, will not become worn and, what is more important, obsolete.

It happens so to good furniture too. A sofa made in Italy in the early 90s still looks stylish and pleases its owners with comfort. You have just to pull in upholstery and the sofa will look new again. However, its coevals made in Shuya furniture factory either are thrown out to a dump, or are prepared to go there. And no upholstery can help them.

It happens so to good accommodation too. The apartments in the houses dated first years after war are purchased now rather than those in the houses dated 70s. A redecoration made in a post-war apartment turns it into a modern and comfortable dwelling.

We made our new "Neuron-Spectrum" systems such too. Having begun using them, For long you will escape the necessity to purchase electroencephalographers.. Their performance characteristics increase middle level considerably. Therefore they will remain the best ones not only among domestic, but also among foreign analogues. All you have to do is to update the software from time to time. Moreover, we deliver new software versions for our equipment for free!

For the first time the quality of EEG and EP registration of a Russian device is not worse than that of the best foreign analogues. In the NeuroSoft 21-, 19-, 16-channel electroencephalographers that use the integrated platform of 5th generation the input EEG signals range has been increased to 200 Hz, the sampling rate is 1000 Hz, there is 16-digit analog-digital converter, noise levels in all the frequency bands are less then 0.8 mcV!!!

Due to the high parameters our encefalographers are suitable for the correct using of long-latency multi-channel EP research method, which is valued highly for diagnostics.

For 11 years the NeuroSoft company has been creating and producing various models of electroencephalographers and devices for brain EP study. The "Neuron-Spectrum" 5th generation electroencephalographers, our latest novelty, have been carefully checked together with best models of the "Nicolet", "Medelec", "Nihon Kohden", "Dantec" West companies. The tests were being carried out under the direction of Russian leading neurophysiologists: Professor L.I. Sumsky (Skliphosofsky R&D Institute of Fast Medical Aid), Professor V.V. Gnezdinsky (R&D Institute of Neurology), Professor G.A. Schekuntyeva (Burdenko R&D Institute of Neurology), Professors B.M. Gehta and L.F. Kasatkina (All-Russian myasthenia center), Academician A.M.Vein. 99% of curves had identical quality (we can be proud of the fact that sometimes the registration quality of our equipment is higher comparing to import analogues). Moreover, for communication with our devices Russian is used, while import electroencephalographers use English. Therefore we confidently draw your attention to the novelties of NeuroSoft in neurophysiology. We are sure the price/quality balance is in our flavor!

"Neuron-Spectrum - 4 / 3 / 2"

The "Neuron-Spectrum-4", "Neuron-Spectrum-3" and "Neuron-Spectrum-2" classical 21- ,19- and 16-channel electroencephalographers have been created to provide you with a high-quality low-price device for brain bioelectrical activity study.

All the electroencephalographers use the integrated platform of the last generation.

The cost of "Neuron-Spectrum-4" (without computer) is $5600, "Neuron-Spectrum-3" - $4400, "Neuron-Spectrum-2" - $4000 (by the way: "Neuron-Spectrum-3" and "Neuron-Spectrum-2" of the previous generation cost exactly the same price).

"Neuron-Spectrum - 4/EP"

Research methods for evoked brain potentials are gaining ground and in the West they can be compared to EEG as to mass character. Visual, auditory, somatosensory and cognitive EP research increases quality of initial diagnostics of demyelizing diseases, enables identification of CNS affection extent as well as forecast course and outcome of pathological process in patients with vascular and traumatic spinal cord and brain affections. Brain functions monitoring using EP registration is indispensable now for para-stem neuro-surgical operations, operations on spinal column, spinal cord, brachiocephal tree, etc. EP replace electroencephalography in diagnostics of brain death and decortication.

At this point we want to draw your attention to the multi-functional "Neuron-Spectrum-4/EP" system with integrated channels of evoked potentials:

One of the main principles for us when we create a new device is to provide it with a high potential of methodical progress. At this point our electroencephalographers have no matches. The "Neuron-Spectrum" systems enable attaching of 12 various independent software and hardware units to them:

The certification on compliance with international standart of quality IS0 9002 The manufacturing of the devices is certified according to International standard ISO 9002.

The NeuroSoft company is responsible for the whole cycle of clinical training of electroencephalography and brain evoked potentials study in Neurophysiology center of Ivanovo Regional Clinical Hospital (the cost of training is included into the price).

If you are interested get in touch with us by phones: +7(0932) 41-30-15, 41-15-00, 30-40-08, or by e-mail: