From July 1 to August 1 on Northern flying field a special parachute training of astronauts is held. They use NeuroSoft "Poly-Spectr-RADIO" system to control the parachutists state.

1) Preparations: parachutists pack their parachutes.

2) While the parachutists are packing their parachutes, we test our system of heart rate and breathing rhythm control during parachute jump.

3) The aircraft is already waiting.

4) Fixing of Poly-Spectr-RADIO starts with attaching of electrodes.

5) Then we fix a special belt with a breathing sensor and a transmitter.

6) The electrodes and transmitters are fixed. Computer displays the ECG and pneumogram. Now we can identify definitely who is more nervous.

7) The system is fixed on the second and  the third trainees. Now they may put on their parachutes.

8) Everything is ready for the flight.

9) The parachutists and the pilots approach the plane. We still can observe the trainees cardiograms. They will have to jump from a 3000 meters height.

10) The instructor watches the flight and parachuting. He coordinates our actions.

11) The parachutist is in the air. We can control his physical state starting with 1000 meters height.

12) After landing we ask the parachutist to lie on the grass. Then we record his cardiogram for 12 minutes.

13) It's interesting to watch heart rate restoration after strong stress.

14) Leaders of training staff thank all the participants.