July - 2003


24.07.2003  [15:11]
Read new information about exercise testing software "Poly-Spectrum-Ergo" and the Q-T interval dispersion analysis software "Poly-Spectrum-QT".
16.07.2003  [17:02]
Read new information about 12-channel digital ECG system "Poly-Spectrum-8/E", ventricular late potentials registration and analysis software "Poly-Spectrum-HR". The software description for heart rate variability analysis "Poly-Spectrum-Rhythm" also has updated.
10.07.2003  [15:34]
Read new information about 12-channel digital ECG system for using in multiple checkups "Poly-Spectrum-8".
09.07.2003  [17:42]
Read new information about 12-channel digital ECG system "Poly-Spectrum-12" and the line of systems for bicycle ECG stress testing "Poly-Spectrum-Velo".
09.07.2003  [17:50]
From June 2 to August 15 in Tambov a special parachute training of contenders for astronauts is carried out. In the training they use our "Poly-Spectrum-Radio" equipment for physiological signals transmission through radio channel. This year the system was considerably changed:
  • the new assembly of the electrode system considerably hastens the device placing on the body;
  • the size of the transmitter and receiver has been considerably reduced;
  • radiodata exchange is now carried out under 900 MHz;
  • the transmission range is extended to 300 meters (without retransmission);
  • the number of the modules functioning simultaneously is increased to 8;
  • the memory module is installed in the transmitter, it enables saving physiological information (ECG and breath rhythm) in case of radio exchange disturbances.
05.07.2003  [9:41]
On July 3 our company was visited by Roman Markovich Baevsky.
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01.07.2003  [10:39]
From today a new version of the "Poly-Spectrum-HR" software for late ventricular potentials registration and analysis is available. The new version averages the signal and calculates the noise level during signal registration. It also enables choosing a method of calculation of late potentials parameters.

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