January - 2003


29.01.2003  [14:07]
On January, 21 an expedition of mountaineers went to Antarctica. Planned arrival at Novolazarevskay station - January, 28. During the preparation for the expedition and during the time of its work, the members of the expedition will be under medical observation with the use of equipment produced by our company :"Poly-Spectrum-8" and "Poly-Spectrum-12".
Physiological information (ECG and breathing's rhythm), registered with the help of these instruments through a satellite communication link is transmitted to medical centers, one of which is situated in Saint-.Petersburg. More detailed information about the staff of the expedition's members and its aims you can find with reference to: www.ec-arctic.ru/events/ and www.rambler.ru/db/news/msg.html
28.01.2003  [10:39]
Russian agency of patents and trade marks based on Patent law of Russian Federation granted a patent for an invention: The method of definition of a functional state of a man on the basis of the variability of a heart rhythm and variability of the duration of a respiratory cycle.
Patentee: NeuroSoft company
Inventor: Vladimir M. Michailov
Alton-03 16.01.2003  [10:57]
The deliveries of 3-channels electrocardiographs with the outlet to thermo-paper "Alton-03" and "Alton-03/E" were begun. Electrocardiograph "Alton-03/E" is compatible with NeuroSoft software of analysis ECG: "Poly-Spectrum-Rhythm", "Poly-Spectrum-QT" and "Poly-Spectrum-Ergo".
13.01.2003  [14:36]
From 21 till 24 of January in Moscow will be held a cardiology forum. The scientific program of the forum is http://www.morag.ru
The forum will include an exhibition of medical equipment with the participation of our company. At the exhibition you will be able to obtain a new book of V. M. Michailov. "Variability of a heart rhythm: the experience of a practical use.