February - 2004


04.02.2004  [10:13]
For the development and implementation of technical solutions for rehabilitative medicine, Neurosoft was awarded a diploma for participation in the competition Best Diagnostic and Sanitation (Health and Fitness) Techniques for Rehabilitative Medicine - 2003 held in the context of the branch program of the Health Service Ministry of Russian Federation "Health Care for the Healthy in 2003-2010."
03.02.2004  [11:47]
The Russian Patent and Trade Mark Office put into the State Register of Useful Devices the electrode for electroretinography invented by the company's employee Natalia Shubina and a leading researcher at the Ocular Diseases Research Institute Angelica Shamshinova. Neurosoft company was granted a patent on useful model №35208. These unique electrodes are components of "Neuro-ERG" systems.
02.02.2004  [17:28]
The employees of the Youri Gagarin Cosmonauts Training Center Sergey Malikhov and Nikolai Philatov made a business visit to our company. The purpose of the visit is negotiations for creating the equipment for some scientific research in medicine and cosmonautics.
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