Since the season of RAE 48 (Russian Antarctic Expedition), which is going to be opened in December of the current year, "Poly-Spectrum" equipment and software will be introduced into the system of RAE medical consultation assistance. Special measures will be taken to provide this introduction:
A group of expeditionary doctors, which is supposed to be sent for wintering by RAE 48, will be trained to operate the "Poly-Spectrum-8" electrocardiographs and use them in the activities of "Ambulance" RAE medical consultation assistance (MCA) system.

Thanks to the members of MCA Center "Poly-Spectrum-8" electrocardiographs will be delivered to Antarctica by scientific-expeditionary watercraft "Akademik Fedorov". Under the leadership of senior doctor of AARI/RAE they will be installed at "Mirny", "Vostok" and "Novolazarevskaya" arctic stations. ECG system on the basis of "Poly-Spectrum-12" will be developed at the aid post of RAE, the headquarters of RAE MCA Center, in order to perform decoding and analysis of ECG transmitted within the "Ambulance" RAE MCA system.