August - 2003


15.08.2003  [16:14]
We have begun using new construction for leads cables of all our electrocardiographers.
The distinctions in kind from the old construction:
  - cable rupture strength has been increased;
  - resistances to defibrillator pulses are embedded into the cable;
  - construction of electrode socket has been changed.
The new cable has been being tested since May 2003. In users' opinion the new cable is much more comfortable and durable than the old one.
The cost of the cable is $100.
15.08.2003  [14:04]
On July 17 the "Problems of rural healthcare" out conference was held in Voronejskaya region by Central healthcare department. Problems of availability of specialized medical care for rural population were being discussed there. During the conference they showed the web-site of Regional clinic cardiological center, which helped to carry out remote cardiological consultations and transmit ECG of the patients observed in Verhnemamonskaya Regional clinic (the distance from the regional center is 230 km) and Verhnehavskaya Regional clinic (the distance from the regional center is 100 km). At that the "Poly-Spectrum-8/Е" digital electrocardiographers with issued software were used. An ordinary telephone line was used as the communication channel. Another successful experiment once more confirms high opportunity of the NeuroSoft company developments in telemedicine.
13.08.2003  [11:01]
Read new information about the computer-based pneumotachometric spirometer with high accuracy of measurement Spiro-Spectrum.
12.08.2003  [10:05]
We have begun delivering stands for ECG cable upper setup during loading tests. Using of the stand enhances registration quality during veloergometry and loading tests on a running-track. The price of the stand is $200.
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