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Archive of events

[17:27] December 20, 2005

Happy New Year and Merry Christmas!


[11:27] December 20, 2005

From 1 December, 2005 the code of Ivanovo city is changed. Instead of 0932, you should dial 4932.


[10:54] December 16, 2005

The article “How to choose the computer?” has been updated.


[15:25] December 15, 2005

The Neurosoft Company participates in II annual salon “Innovation-2005” opened 14, December in Ivanovo.


[10:27] December 12, 2005

We offer your attention the photos from the place of touching down of “Soyuz TMA-6” space ship.


[16:18] December 9, 2005

The International scientific conference “Manned Space Activities” took place from 10 to 11 November, 2005.


[14:02] December 9, 2005

During the exhibition “Zdravookhraneniye-2005” the Neurosoft Company stand was visited by the deputy chief of department of Cosmonaut Training for Surviving in Different Natural and Climatic Regions in Case of Emergency Landing, the colonel, Nickolay Filatov.


[16:16] December 6, 2005

The 15th International exhibition “Zdravookhraneniye” (14, Krasnopresnenskaya nab., Moscow) was finished at 2 December.


[10:51] November 23, 2005

Our company took part in an International exhibition “MEDICA” in Düsseldorf for the second time.


[15:41] November 17, 2005

We invite you to visit an exposition of Neurosoft Company equipment on the 15th International exhibition “Zdravookhraneniye-2005” which will take place from 28 November up to 2 December in Moscow city (Expocentr, 14, Krasnopresnenskaya nab.)


[11:21] November 16, 2005

At 16 November, the International exhibition MEDICA-2005 is opened in Dusseldorf (Germany). The representatives of Neurosoft Company have started the work on the joint stand with Spectromed Company successfully.


[14:42] October 28, 2005

From 16 up to 19 November, Neurosoft Company will again take part in International trade fair “MEDICA-2005”, which will be held in Düsseldorf Trade Fair Centre.


[19:31] October 26, 2005

From 18 to 21 October Neurosoft Company took part in three important medical events simultaneously.


October 25, 2005

Neurosoft Company gained the certificates of conformance to International standards DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 (full standard) and DIN EN ISO 13485:2003 instead of the acted earlier certificates of conformance DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 (exception is the engineering process) and DIN EN ISO 13488:2001.


[16:27] October 12, 2005

From 18 up to 21 October XIV International exhibition “Health Protection” will take place in Kiev (15, Brovarskiy av., International exhibition center). Neurosoft Company will demonstrate its latest achievements in the area of functional diagnostics, rehabilitation and sports medicine on the stand E9 shared with the “DX-Complexes Ltd.”.


October 11, 2005

At 11 October, after “Soyuz TMA-6” spacecraft landing, the specialists of the Mission Control Center, Cosmonauts Training Center, General Telecom Company and Neurosoft Company performed the experiment of cosmonauts' ECG transferring by satellite communication channel.


[16:14] October 6, 2005

On the 3rd European Congress “Achievements in Space Medicine into Healthcare Practice and Industry” (Berlin, 26-30 September, 2005) Neurosoft Company demonstrated its new unique complex “Reserv” — apparatus for examinations and control of cosmonauts' health state during the trainings, before and after flights.


[08:32] October 5, 2005

The crew of the eleventh expedition on ISS consisting of Sergei Krikalev and John Phillips and the participant of the space flight Gregory Olsen will return to Earth at 11 October in a spacecraft “Soyuz TMA-6”. After the landing on the territory of Kazakhstan, the specialists of Mission Control Center, Cosmonauts Training Center, General Telecom Company and Neurosoft Company will carry out the experiment of cosmonauts' ECG transferring by satellite communication channel.


September 29, 2005

We invite you to visit the stand of Neurosoft Company on the 10th Jubilee International Health Care Exhibition Hospital-2005.
Attention! You have a splendid opportunity to book the free-of-charge invitation tickets.


[15:11] September 20, 2005

We have developed a new 12-channel miniature wireless digital ECG system Poly-Spectrum-8/EX. This system provides registration of ECG, breath and patient temperature and transmission of these data to workstation via Bluetooth radiointerface.

[15:01] September 20, 2005

Neurosoft Company presented the new digital wireless system on the exhibition which was organized in the context of the congress “Hypertension — from Korotkov to present days”.


September 12, 2005

Neurosoft Company participated in the 11th Congress of the Syrian Society of Neurosciences.


September 8, 2005

The digital system for objective audiometry Neuro-Audio manufactured by Neurosoft Company underwent significant changes and became cheaper.


August 9, 2005

High-speed train Moscow-Kiev started its regular traffic from 1, August. The emergency diagnostics system includes digital ECG system Poly-Spectrum.


[11:53] July 1, 2005

At the end of June our business partners: Mr. Song Kyoung Sug, Mr. Junghwan Hong and Mr. Kim Sergey from Medical Revolution Company (South Korea) revisited Neurosoft Company.


[10:20] May 26, 2005

Neurosoft Company took part in the neurophysiological equipment exhibition organized within 22nd Turkish national neurophysiological and epileptological congress.


May 12, 2005

Now the delivery set of Spiro-Spectrum includes new flow converters. In contrast to the previous variant they are demountable which makes their cleaning and disinfection easier. Besides more tough, shockproof and chemical-resistant material was used for the construction.


May 11, 2005

We offer your attention the photos made in 25 April, 2005 when the landing module of Soyuz space ship touched down in Kazakhstan.


May 4, 2005

From 25, April up to 26, April the Eurocat GmbH Institute (Germany) representatives carried out the recertification audit of Neurosoft Company quality management system.


April 29, 2005

Read new information about system for registration and transmission of physiological signals by radio channel Poly-Spectrum-Radio


April 28, 2005

Information about digital ECG stress test system Poly-Spectrum-TM and Poly-Spectrum-Velo is added.


April 25, 2005

The landing module of Soyuz spaceship with three cosmonauts on board touched down at the given area of Kazakhstan not far from Arkalyk city. Using satellite communication channel the Mission Control Center got ECG records of the crew members registered by means of Neurosoft Company equipment.


[09:00] April 22, 2005

The return to Earth of ISS-10 crew and the flight participant of the visit occupier (VO-8) program is planned 25, April. The electrocardiograms of all the members of the crew will be recorded using the Poly-Spectrum-8 digital ECG system manufactured by Neurosoft Company and will be send to Mission Control Center (MCC) for the doctors of MCC and NASA in an e-mail letter format.


[14:35] April 14, 2005

We received the certificates guaranteeing that Neurosoft Company has a right of drawing CE mark on Neuro-MEP-Micro digital neurophysiological systems.


[14:02] April 14, 2005

Neurosoft Company gained a diploma of Sport'5 exhibition participant. The visitors' interest proved again that the Company developments have a great potential for use in sports medicine.


[10:35] April 13, 2005

The 10th Anniversary Uzbekistan International Healthcare Exhibition which took place from 5 up to 7, April in Tashkent is finished. We express our thanks to the exhibition organizers, our stand visitors and also all the Companies promoting Neurosoft production in Uzbekistan.


April 12, 2005

Neurosoft Company active and effective cooperation with the Yuri Gagarin Cosmonauts Training Center and the Institute for Biomedical Problems resulted in several successful joint developments allowing us to consider 12, April to be our professional holiday. This year we published the thematic photo album for this day specially.


March 22, 2005

The Second International Exhibition "Sport'5" will take place in Moscow at All-Russian Exhibition Center, hall #57, from 31 March up to 3 April. Neurosoft Company will represent its exposition of diagnostic equipment for sports medicine on a stand #A 13-2.


March 10, 2005

We invite you to visit the stand of Neurosoft Company on the 10th Jubilee Public Health Exhibition in Tashkent Regional Exhibition Center UzExpoCentre, Central pavilion, Big exhibition center.


February 17, 2005

New information concerning digital ECG systems is added.


February 15, 2005

Recently the representatives of foreign medical companies from Turkey and South Korea visited Neurosoft Company.


February 14, 2005

The regular winter training of cosmonauts for surviving in the forest conditions took place from 9 February up to 11 February. Traditionally this kind of training is carried out not far from Moscow. We present you the report concerning these trainings on our site.


February 8, 2005

Read new information about digital spirometer with an extra measurement accuracy Spiro-Spectrum.


February 7, 2005

Information about 4-channel digital auditory EP and TEOAE system Neuro-Audio is added.


January 18, 2005

Information about 8-channel digital EEG system Neuron-Spectrum-1 is updated.


January 14, 2005

New information about magnetic stimulator for therapeutic and diagnostic stimulation Neuro-MS is added.


January 12, 2005

We have just moved!

Neurosoft Company will celebrate its thirteenth Happy Birthday in its own new building!

Welcome! We will be glad to see all our friends, colleagues and partners!


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