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[16:39] March 30, 2010

Recent Scientific Events in Turkey

Our dealer in Turkey, AVM SAGLIK Company took an active part in “Neurology Days” Conference. The next event is “EEG-EMG Congress” which will take place from 31 March up to 4 April.


[16:53] March 24, 2010

Our Neuro-EMG-Micro Digital System Conquers Korea

Apsun Inc., our dealer in South Korea, participated in annual “KIMES 2010” medical exhibition which took place in Seoul from 18 up to 21 March. The impressive stand of Apsun Inc. was full of visitors during all the days of the exhibition and the team of representatives had a chance to present Neuro-EMG-Micro digital EMG and NCS system to new visitors and potential customers and received positive feedback from them.


[10:47] March 22, 2010

Neurosoft Company Took an Active Part in Practical Course on Electroneuromyography in Bulgaria for the 7th Time

Being one of the leading world-wide manufacturers of EMG equipment, Neurosoft Company renders regularly the assistance to the dealers in the training and mastering the professional qualification of the doctors specializing in this area.


[16:58] March 17, 2010

Visit of Professor Kimura

In December 2009 professor Jun Kimura, M.D. visited the office of Bersaudara Company, our representative in Indonesia. During the visit he performed several presentations. He used our digital EMG and EP system Neuro-MEP-4 when demonstrated different EMG techniques.


[16:59] March 11, 2010

XIV Venezuelan Congress of Neurology

From 1 up to 5 March Neurosoft Company together with our dealer in Venezuela Neurotecnologias Company took an active part in “XIV Venezuelan Congress of Neurology” in Caracas city.

Main events

[10:34] March 3, 2010

7th Practical Course on Electroneuromyography in Tryavna (Bulgaria)

“Ilan Medical Equipment” company together with Neurosoft Company perform the practical course on electroneuromyography. It will take place from 12 up to 14 March in conference room of Sezoni hotel in ancient Tryavna city. The course program includes lectures, workshops, tutorials and individual training.


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