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FIME 2012: Rainy Season in Florida

Florida International Medical Expo (FIME) is held annually in August when a rainy season occurs there. Nevertheless, the tropical rains did not become a hindrance to Neurosoft company and this year we participated in this exhibition for the second time.

The exhibition primary audience consists of visitors from Latin Americа, where Neurosoft devices are well-known. We supply our EEG and EMG systems, magnetic stimulators and hearing diagnostic systems to Venezuela, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Mexico, Costa Rica, Salvador and Guatemala. It is rather safe to say that after FIME 2012 Neurosoft devices will appear in more places of this region.

On behalf of Neurosoft company we would like to thank our dealer, High Tech Instruments, Inc., and personally the company president Simon Araque for the assistance in event organizing. We would also like to thank all the visitors of our stand.

We hope to see you next year at FIME 2013, when rainy season will occur again!!

Publication date: August 20, 2012

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Updated 20.08.2012
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