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FIME 2012: Lay Claim to More Success

From 8 to 10 August Neurosoft company plans to exhibit medical devices at FIME International Medical Expo 2012 for the second time. The event will be held in Miami Beach Convention Center (Florida, USA).

FIME International Medical Expo 2012 is one of the highly renowned event for exhibiting medical products and equipment. It attracts thousands of specialists, distributors and manufacturers of medical equipment from across the globe.

We want to demonstrate not only widely recognized medical devices, but also our latest developments at the stand №2458 of our dealer in South America High Tech Instruments Inc. The visitors of stand №2458 will have an opportunity to see the following equipment:

  • 2-channel portable digital EMG and NCS system with a built-in miniature dedicated keyboard Neuro-MEP-Micro (version 2009)
  • 41-channel multifunctional digital EEG system for neurophysiological studies Neuron-Spectrum-5
  • Portable all-in-one ABR, DPOAE & TEOAE hearing screening system Neuro-Audio-Screen
  • Transcranial magnetic stimulator for diagnostic, therapeutic and research purposes Neuro-MS/D
  • Ambulatory EEG and PSG system Neuron-Spectrum AM

We hope that this year the exhibition will pass as successfully for us as last year.

Looking forward to see you at our stand 2458!

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Publication date: June 20, 2012

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Updated 20.06.2012
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