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June Events in Istanbul and Marseille Devoted to EMG Studies

The first June decade is very rich for Neurosoft company this year: we planned to participate in two medical events, which will be held in Turkey and France. The first event is the 20th International SFEMG & QEMG Course and 12th QEMG Conference scheduled for 2-6 June in Istanbul (Turkey) and the second event is 18th French days of Electroneuromyography in Marseille.

Our company will demonstrate digital EEG system for neurophysiological studies Neuron-Spectrum-5, digital miniature EMG system Neuro-EMG-Micro and other EMG and EEG systems.

In the frameworks of the conference in Istanbul, Sergey Nickolaev, our medical consultant, will conduct a workshop on electroneuromyography.

Publication date: June 2, 2012

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Updated 02.06.2012
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