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CMEF Spring 2012

The 67th China International Medicinal Equipment Fair (CMEF) is scheduled for 17 - 20 April in Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center (Shenzhen, Guang-dong Province, China). Founded in 1979, CMEF is held in both spring and autumn for more than 30 years. CMEF is the premier medical exhibition of medical equipment, related products and services in Asia Pacific region. It is the second most important and largest exhibition in the world after MEDICA (Düsseldorf, Germany). Annualy the exhibitors showcase the latest products, services and new tech-nologies in medical industry. Besides during the exhibition participants can attend lectures, conferences, presentations and workshops. The scales of this exhibition boggle the mind: last year the exhibiting area exceeded 100000 sq. km., the event attracted more than 2100 exhibitors and over 60000 visitors from 125 countries and regions. Interest in CMEF grows permanently and much more exhibitors and visitors from all over the world are anticipated at this year’s show.

Neurosoft Company is going to participate in this exhibition for the first time. We invite you to visit our stand H08-C06 where our latest developments and best achievements will be presented.

We hope that CMEF will pass as successfully for us as ARAB HEALTH and MEDICA annual exhibitions and participation in it will become a good tradition for our company!

Look for more information concerning the CMEF exhibition on site:

Publication date: April 2, 2012

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