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9th Practical Training Course on EMG and Neurosonology Passed Successfully

The Practical Training Course on EMG and Neurosonology organized by our partner in Bulgaria ILAN Medicinska Aparatura from 16 to 18 March 2012 gathered neurophysiologists from all over Bulgaria.

Annually many specialists take part in this scientific event and interest in it grows permanently. This year about 150 specialists gathered together in small Bulgarian town Pravets, located approximately 80 km from Sofia. The three-day event program was ambitious and informative. The invited speakers lectured on integrated approaches to diagnostics of different pathologies, such as, for example, radiculopathy.

Also the reports on EMG diagnostics at plexopathy, typical problems at EMG study, muscle hyperactivity, increased motor unit activity and neurophysiological methods used at headache study were made.

Besides the lectures and reports, workshops and individual trainings were held. On workshops and individual trainings specialists examined patients with different pathologies. Also such techniques as T-reflex, magnetic stimulation, H-reflex in arms and single fiber EMG technique (jitter) were demonstrated. During the examination of a patient with radiculopathy, one of the approaches to complex study at radiculopathy was demonstrated.

The organization of the event was excellent! On behalf of Neurosoft company we would like to thank assoc. prof., doctor S. Novachkova-Spasova (Bulgaria), assoc. prof., doctor E. Bogdanova (Bulgaria), doctor I. Lisichkov (Bulgaria) for their interesting lectures and reports and Sergey Nickolaev, our medical consultant, for the reports and workshops. And, of course, we would like to thank the event organizers: ILAN Medicinska Aparatura company and personally Ilya Laptev and Anna Vachkova.


Publication date: March 21, 2012

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