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Practical Course on EMG and Neurosonology in Bulgaria

We invite you to the Practical Course on EMG and Neurosonology which is scheduled for March 16-18. The Practical Course will be held at RIU Pravits Resort hotel in Pravets city (Bulgaria).

Goals of Practical Course:

  • To improve doctor’s skills in the field of clinical electromyography and evoked potentials.
  • To raise quality of work with EMG software.
  • To develop practical skills in the field of cerebral artery ultrasonography.
  • To gain experience in setup of vascular ultrasonography modes.

The course comprises a series of lectures and presentations (9 hours), workshops (9 hours) and individual trainings (8 hours) in two sections: electromyography and neurosonology. During the course ultrasonography and electromyography studies will be performed under the guidance of specialists.

EMG specialists:

  • doctor S. Novachkova-Spasova, Bulgaria;
  • doctor S. Nikolaev, Russia;
  • doctor E. Bogdanova, Bulgaria;
  • doctor I. Lisichkov, Bulgaria.

Neurosonography speciaists:

  • professor F. Tityanova, Bulgaria;
  • doctor S. Andonova, Bulgaria;
  • doctor S. Karakneva, Bulgaria.

Registration for course: March 16, from 11:00 to 17:00.
Lectures, workshops and individual trainings will start on March 16, 14:00.

You can register and find more information about the course on our site

Publication date: March 2, 2012

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