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AudiologyNOW is Coming!

The annual world-renowned congress and exhibition AudiologyNOW will be held March 28-31, 2012 at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center (Boston, Massachusetts, USA). The leaders in the field of audiology and associated professions will take part in the event.

As usual the event has a comprehensive scientific program. The Learning Labs are scheduled for the first day. They will provide you the opportunity to study the latest information in audiology topics and combine the interactive communication and clinical practice. Also the Featured Sessions and Learning Modules will cover a lot of contemporary topics that can be useful in clinical practice. If you want to discuss some unusual clinical example or new treatment approach, you should go to Clinical Poster Reception. In case you have ideas on innovative treatment research, you can go to Research Poster Reception.

One more educational opportunity is to visit Audiology Solutions (the exhibit booths in the Expo Hall), where you can explore new technologies and discover new services. We are glad to invite you to our booth and to present you our latest developments in audiology equipment for ABR, OAE and ASSR. Our recent achievements are chirp stimulus in multi-ASSR and ABR, electric ABR (EABR), VEMP with EMG biofeedback, high frequency pure tone audiometry (up to 16 kHz). Also our Neuro-Audio-Screen hearing screening system is supplied with Li-ION battery now.

Looking forward to see you at our stand №1396!

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Publication date: February 20, 2012

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