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Our Latest Development – EEG/PSG Recorder

We finished the development and the technical testing of our new device, portable ambulatory EEG/PSG recorder. Now we are starting the clinical tests of this device in different EEG laboratories of the world.

This device is a universal tool and can be used for:

  • ambulatory EEG studies (up to several days);
  • ambulatory and stationary PSG studies;
  • long-term EEG studies to detect the epileptiform activity;
  • routine EEG studies.

The recorder has four control buttons and built-in LCD display.

The left side panel of the device contains the channel sockets to attach the EEG electrodes and different sensors for PSG recording:

  • 16-21 EEG channel according to “10-20%” standard scheme (the number of EEG derivations depends on the necessity to record other channels).
  • Separate bipolar ECG channel (ECG).
  • Two bipolar EMG channels (EMG1, EMG2).
  • Two EOG channels (EOGl, EOGr).
  • Direct current channel (DC).
  • Snoring sound channel (Snore).
  • Airflow thermistor channel (Flow).
  • Rib cage movement channel (Chest).
  • Abdominal movement channel (Abdom).
  • Two limb movement channels (LML, LMR).

The standard socket for the electrode cap connection to record EEG using 10-20% scheme is located on the top side panel of the device.

The right side panel contains sockets for:

  • Oxymetry channel (SpO2).
  • Nasal pressure channel (Cannula).

Besides the device is equipped with the built-in body position sensor. It allows recording the positions of patient’s body during an exam.

The signals obtained during an exam from different channels are saved as encrypted data into the internal memory card of the device. Then the exam results can be copied from the memory card of the device to the exam database on the computer to store, review and analyze the data. The memory card space is enough to store several tens of ambulatory exams. The device can be used without memory card. In this case it is impossible to store the data being recorded on the memory card, however, the device can transmit them via the wireless Wi-Fi interface to the database on the computer directly. The recorder can be connected to any computer of the wireless local network or any computer with the built-in Wi-Fi module or computer with USB Wi-Fi adapter.

The special software allows organizing easily the large amount of exams with the use of several ambulatory recorders.

The date of the sale start and the device price will be announced later.

We continue developing new devices. One of our main directions is the creation of multi-channel EEG systems with 256 or more channels.

Publication date: November 11, 2011

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Updated 11.11.2011
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