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Our Dealer in China

Neurosoft Company has been cooperating with WUHAN S.J.J. Co, our dealer in China, since 2008 year. The brightest exhibition and training events of previous years are represented in the photo report.

From September 3rd to 5th 2009 they took part in the 12th Wuhan International Medical Fair. It was a regional exhibition, and they demonstrated the latest model of Neuro-MEP-Micro device.

From October 28th to 31st 2009 they took part in the 62nd China International Medical Equipment Fair (CMEF) which was the largest in the Asian-Pacific region. The Neuro-MEP-Micro digital EMG and EP system and Neuron-Spectrum EEG, EP and EMG systems attracted interest and attention of the stand visitors.

From July 6th to 10th 2010 they participated in the EMG workshop organized by the Peking Union Medical College Hospital in Beijing city. During this workshop, they introduced the history of Neurosoft, described the latest developments of company and demonstrated the best digital systems: Neuron-Spectrum and Neuro-MEP-Micro. About 60 trainees took part in the event. The unique features of the devices were appreciated greatly by the participants.

From July 6th to 10th 2010 they also attended the EEG workshop organized by the Peking Union Medical College Hospital in Beijing. During the workshop they presented the neurophysiological equipment of our company and demonstrated Neuron-Spectrum-5 digital EEG and EP system to 54 trainees. Also they answered all questions of the participants and got the positive feedback related to the quality of the obtained signals and the variety of techniques.

Publication date: October 5, 2011

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