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Unique Treadmill Marathon in France

A unique marathon French Ultra Festival d’Antibes took place in Antibes city (France) from 5 to 11 June. During this race two runners: Philippe Billard and Michael Micaletti ran on treadmills for 6 days and 6 nights.

They slept maximum 2 hours per day in three times (about 40 min each time). The challenge was to run more 800 km, set up a record and get approval for this specific race. The total number of future participants is 120 runners from 20 countries. Another purpose was a scientific one. During this time French sleep laboratory from Albi city (France) together with Neurosoft Company recorded the sleep evolution of these runners. This scientific experience was intended to study the sportsmen performance and find out a way to optimise it.

The detailed information about this event is provided on site:

Publication date: June 14, 2011

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Updated 14.06.2011
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