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Congress for Neurologists and Neurophysiologists in Turkey

From 3 to 5 June AVM SAGLIK Company, our dealer in Turkey, took an active part in Congress for neurologists and neurophysiologists organized by Bilim pharmaceutical company. About 150 doctors participated in the meeting. First part of the event was devoted to lectures and presentations and second part was intended for demonstrations and workshops. The famous lecturers took part in the event; Dr. Mustafa Ertas and Dr. Turgut Adatepe were among them. Dr. Mustafa Ertas explained and showed the peculiarities of single fiber EMG technique.

Dr. Turgut Adatepe presented and demonstrated basic EMG techniques using Neuro-EMG-Micro digital system for EMG and NCS manufactured by Neurosoft Ltd. Also our Neuro-MS magnetic stimulator was demonstrated during the workshops.

Publication date: June 10, 2011

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Updated 10.06.2011
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