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Amazing Results of Audiological Meeting in Iran

At the end of April our Iranian dealer Rahavard Mobin Nik Company organized 2-day meeting of audiologists with support and partnership of Iran Audiology Scientific Association.

Several lectures and workshops were provided during this event. The workshops were performed on Neuro-Audio (version 2010) ABR, VEMP, MLR, LLR and OAE system and Neuro-Audio-Screen ABR, DPOAE and TEOAE hearing screening system manufactured by Neurosoft Company. The results obtained during the performed exams impressed greatly all audiologists and masters of Audiology universities. After this meeting the attention to Russian products changed and the demonstrated devices were treated equal to world-known brands. However this meeting is only the beginning of a long run. Our dealer plans to continue these workshops during the coming months. Particularly he took an active part in Iran Audiology International Convention that was held at 5-7 May in Tehran city (Iran).


Publication date: May 10, 2011

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Updated 10.05.2011
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