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Intensive Course on Clinical EMG in Bulgaria: Sergey Nikolaev Won the Audience Again

Neurosoft Company together with our Bulgarian dealer Ilan Medical Equipment carried out an intensive course on clinical EMG for the eighth time. The event was held from 11 to 13 March in Tryavna city (Bulgaria). The popularity of this course increases constantly. This year more than 70 neurologists from Bulgaria, Romania and Macedonia took part in it.

Famous Bulgarian specialists: prof. S. Novachkova, prof. P. Tzvetanov and doctor I. Lisichkov presented their reports on topical problems of clinical electromyography. The medical consultant of our company Sergey Nikolaev, M.D. also presented his report. Besides, he performed workshops where he demonstrated such techniques as jitter and inching and also shared his suggestions on plexopathy.


Publication date: March 20, 2011

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