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Novelty for you: holder for electrodes!

We considered numerous recommendations of our clients and designed a special holder for electrodes fixation on a unit.

It can be easily fixed behind a unit with a special fastening.

The holder is a plate with hooks positioned at several levels. The different shape of hooks allows quick and convenient fixation of electrodes with different width (for example, ground electrode can be placed to wide hook).

Owing to the holder construction where hooks are located both sides, a doctor can separate the electrodes to “work” ones being used at the moment and “reserve” ones that are not involved. It prevents from cable meshing and saves the time.

The holder can be used with Neuro-MEP-4, Neuro-EMG-Micro, Neuron-Spectrum-1, Neuron-Spectrum-2, Neuron-Spectrum-3, Neuron-Spectrum-4, Neuron-Spectrum-4/P, Poly-Spectrum-12/E devices manufactured by Neurosoft Company.

Publication date: March 2, 2011

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Updated 02.03.2011
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