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Traditionally Positive Results of ARAB HEALTH Exhibition

The impressive results of annual ARAB HEALTH exhibition that took place in Dubai (UAE) were 30 national country pavilions, more than 2700 exhibitors from 60 countries, more than 66 000 visitors from 141 countries. The exhibition was finished with quite expected for us positive results.

Main attention was focused on Neuro-MS/D magnetic stimulator and Neuro-Audio digital system for EP and OAE (2010 version). Our Neuro-MEP-4 and Neuro-MEP-Micro digital EMG and EP systems, Neuron-Spectrum-5 32-channel digital EEG system, Neuron-Spectrum-PSG system for sleep stage analysis and analysis of sleep-disordered breathing, video surveillance during a sleep attracted traditional interest. As usual we got positive feedback concerning our equipment.

During the exhibition we both communicated fruitfully with our partners and found potential clients from Middle East, North and Central Africa, Central Asia: UAE, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Turkey, Egypt, India, Pakistan, Libya, Nigeria, Sudan, Oman, Iran, etc.


Publication date: February 9, 2011

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