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Let us present you new models of magnetic stimulators

We are happy to inform you that we developed, certified and are ready to sell new range of magnetic stimulators. It includes the solutions for therapeutic, diagnostic and research purposes.

Neuro-MS with established good reputation is replaced by 4 models:

New models provide high stimulus intensity (up to 4 T), high stimulation frequency (maximal effective stimulation frequency is up to 20 Hz, achieved one is up to 100 Hz) and long-term continuous operation without overheating (up to 10000 pulses iteratively). Also it is possible to perform paired stimulation, burst stimulation and monitoring of motor evoked potentials before stimulation and during it.

We would like to inform our clients who planned to buy Neuro-MS that the complete analog of this device is Neuro-MS/D (diagnostic).

We are ready to take your orders now!

Publication date: December 6, 2010

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Updated 06.12.2010
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