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The Symposium Held in Jakarta is a Unique Exchange of Experience and Knowledge

25 and 26 November Symposium & Workshop in Neurobiophysic with focus on transcranial and peripheral magnetic stimulation and electrodiagnostic medicine took place in Jakarta, Indonesia. Both prominent scientists and local specialists participated in it. This event is a unique exchange of experience and knowledge.

The symposium consisted of two parts: lectures and workshops. The devices manufactured by Neurosoft were applied to perform the practical part of symposium. Our Neuro-MS/D magnetic stimulator with cooling unit was demonstrated in Indonesia for the first time. It was highly appreciated by the specialists attended the congress.

The medical consultant of our company Sergey Nikolaev was among the invited speakers. He presented two lectures “Base EMG techniques” and “Clinical diagnostics of strokes and root lesions with the use of magnetic stimulation and F-wave” and then he demonstrated the techniques described on the second lecture during the workshop. Besides, Sergey Nikolaev assisted professor Jun Kimura during the workshop “Stimulation EMG: clinical use by example of complicated patients” where blink reflex and inching technique were demonstrated. Also other workshops took place: for example, professor John Rothwell performed the workshop: “Magnetic stimulation: treatment and diagnostic application”.

We would like to thank you colleagues for cooperation and hope for new meetings.


Publication date: December 5, 2010

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