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Our EMG and EP Equipment on 17th International Congress in Lyons

The 17th International Congress of French-speaking specialists in electroneuromyography was held in Lyons city (France) from 8th up to 11th June 2010. The exhibition of the medical equipment was organized within this event. The whole range of EMG equipment manufactured by Neurosoft Company was demonstrated on the stand of French dealer Pierre Scholl (NeuroMed).

Besides, several workshops were organized within the congress. Two workshops were performed on Neurosoft Company devices (in particular, Neuro-MEP-4 digital EMG and EP system): professor Joe Jabre (USA) demonstrated several ways of acquisition and decomposition of motor unit potentials and professor Wang (Belgium) presented the study of small nerves hardly accessible for the study and lower extremity muscles.


Publication date: June 23, 2010

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Updated 23.06.2010
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