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Turkey Continues Flourishing with the Scientific Events

From 31 March up to 4 April the 26th National Clinical Neurophysiological Congress took place in Lara town (near Antalya city, Turkey). About 350 neurologists visited this event. Among the famous invited scientists there were Prof. Burhanettin Uludag, Prof. Mustafa Ertas, Dr. Baris Baslo, Dr. Erick Stalberg and others. The main topics for discussion were EEG, EMG and TMS. These techniques were demonstrated on the workshops also.

Our dealer in Turkey AVM Saglik Ltd. Company presented several devices: Neuro-MEP-Micro portable EMG and NCS system with a built-in miniature dedicated keyboard, Neuron-Spectrum-5 multifunctional digital EEG system for neurophysiological studies and Neuro-MS magnetic stimulator for therapeutic and diagnostic stimulation. TMS and EMG techniques attracted the most attention. Prof. Burhanettin Uludag tested Neuro-MS magnetic stimulator and was very much satisfied with the obtained results.

The detailed information concerning this congress is given on site


Publication date: April 26, 2010

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