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Recent Scientific Events in Turkey

Our dealer in Turkey, AVM SAGLIK Company took an active part in “Neurology Days” Conference organized by Medical Faculty of Uludag University, Department of Neurology. The event took place in Karinna Hotel from 11 up to 14 March.

Many scientists had an opportunity to present their lectures concerning the actual topics of EMG study. The practical part was discussed during the workshops where our representative paid the attention of the participants to Neuro-MEP-Micro digital EMG and SSEP system. The scientists were surprised greatly to see the quality of EMG obtained on our digital system.

You can see the detailed information concerning this conference on site:

The next event is “EEG-EMG Congress” which will take place in Kervansaray hotel, Antalya city from 31 March up to 4 April.

The detailed information concerning the scientific program of the event, participants and other is provided on site:


Publication date: March 30, 2010

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Updated 30.03.2010
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