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Neurosoft Company Took an Active Part in Practical Course on Electroneuromyography in Bulgaria for the 7th Time

The 7th Practical Course on Electroneuromyography in Tryavna city (Bulgaria) has finished.

Being one of the leading world-wide manufacturers of EMG equipment, Neurosoft Company renders regularly the assistance to the dealers in the training and mastering the professional qualification of the doctors specializing in this area.

Our company together with our dealer “Ilan Medical Equipment” company (Bulgaria) performed the practical course on clinical electroneuromyography. During 3 days more than 80 neurologists gained an opportunity to listen and discuss the reports concerning the actual topics in electroneuromyography area. Dr. S. Nickolaev (Russian Federation), assoc. prof. S. Novachkova (Bulgaria), assoc. prof. Plamen Tzvetanov (Bulgaria) were among the invited lectures.

The individual training to operate on Neurosoft hardware and software was performed simultaneously with the theoretical program.


Publication date: March 22, 2010

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Updated 22.03.2010
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