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XIV Venezuelan Congress of Neurology

From 1 up to 5 March Neurosoft Company together with our dealer in Venezuela Neurotecnologias Company took an active part in “XIV Venezuelan Congress of Neurology” in Caracas city.

More than 350 neurologists participated in this event. The congress consisted of several events such as Symposium of Epilepsy and Migraine held by Dr. Carlos Bordini (Brasil), Conference of Cerebrovascular Disease held by Dr. Rosalba Maldonado (Venezuela), Symposium of Schizophrenia and Neurology Interaction with Psychiatry and exhibition of medical equipment. During the exhibition we demonstrated our digital systems and presented our latest achievements. Neuro-MS magnetic stimulator attracted most attention as it is an advanced technology allowing to perform the treatment of postvascular diseases, motor disorders and Parkinson disease.


Publication date: March 11, 2010

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