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Report from the Olympic Vancouver. The Assessment of Functional State of Sportsman is a Step to Future Victory

Inspite of the successes and failures of our Olympic team, the work in the Medical Center of Whistler city does not stop.

It is not correct to assume that the main task of the doctors is the diagnostics and treatment of traumas or sportsman’s diseases. Both during the important competitions and also during the training process, the assesment of the functional state of a sportsman is very significant.

The “Multispectrum” digital system provides the functional state module based on the heart rate variability analysis. After the estimation of the indices at rest (left photo) and during the orthostatic test (right photo), it is possible to detect the first signs of the overstress of body reserves. During the trainings these results are used to correct the load, however, during the important competitions the functional state data can help solving the question of sportsman inclusion either to regular team or reserve one.

The photoes received from our correspondent in Whistler show the skier of our team being tested before the ski race.

Publication date: February 25, 2010

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[14:30] February 18, 2010

The Report from Olympic Vancouver. The Sport of Extreme Achievements and Modern Medical Technologies

The grant opening of the Olympic Games is over, the sports working days has started. Thanks to our special correspondent in Canadian Whistler we have an opportunity to glance at a backstage of the invisible struggle for the victory.


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We Keep Watching the Olympic Games

The main sports event of winter 2010 — XXI Olympic Games — started on Saturday in Vancouver city. We, as the most our countrymen, watch closely the events in Canada, however not only as fans.


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