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II International Symposium on Neuromodulation in São Paulo is the Place of Meeting of Scientists from All Other the World

From 17th up to 20th March São Paulo city (Brazil) will receive the participants of the II International Symposium on Neuromodulation.

The scientists on neuromodulation will arrive to this symposium from all other the world. Among the participants are:

  • Abraham Zangen (Israel)
  • Alberto Priori (Italy)
  • Alexandre Rotenberg (USA)
  • Claudio F. Correa (Brazil)
  • Dora Ventura (Brazil)
  • Dylan Edwards (USA)
  • Edson A. Junior (Brazil)
  • Elizeu de Macedo (Brazil)
  • Felipe Fregni (USA)
  • Jose A. Del Porto (Brazil)
  • Leonardo Cohen (USA)
  • Linamara Batistella (Brazil)
  • Lotfi Merabet (USA)
  • Marom Bikson (USA)
  • Marta Imamura (Brazil)
  • Michael Nitsche (Germany)
  • Paulo Boggio (Brazil)
  • Susan C. H. Fen (Brazil)
  • Tim Wagner (USA)
  • Vince Walsh (England)
  • Joaquim B. Neto (Brazil)
  • Ester Palacios (Brazil)
  • Nadia Bologni (Italy)
  • Wu Tu Hsing (Brazil)

The official sponsor of this symposium is our partner from Brazil Neurosoft do Brazil Company. Our colleagues will represent our equipment on its exhibition stand and perform the workshops for the participants of the symposium on this equipment.

See also the scientific program (news from February 23, 2010).

The detailed information concerning the symposium is represented on:

Publication date: February 17, 2010

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