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The photo is downloaded from sports.ruThe photo is downloaded from sports.ruWe Keep Watching the Olympic Games

The main sports event of winter 2010 — XXI Olympic Games — started on Saturday in Vancouver city. We, as the most our countrymen, watch closely the events in Canada, however not only as fans. The medical equipment “Multispectrum” – the joint product of our company and “Scheme” Ltd. (Moscow city) – operates in the medical center of Olympic village in Whistler city. The examinations of Russian sportsmen are carried out by the doctor, general director of “Scheme” Ltd., Igor Pron. Using the uplink and protected internet-connection, medical consultant of Neurosoft Company Fedor Fomin provides him with moral and methodical support.

Follow the information on our site in order not to miss the fresh reports from Olympic Vancouver.


The view from the window of medical centerThe view from the window of medical center The final check of the equipment is runThe final check of the equipment is run Rheo module of “Multispectrum” digital systemRheo module of “Multispectrum” digital system

Publication date: February 15, 2010

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[11:54] February 25, 2010

Report from the Olympic Vancouver. The Assessment of Functional State of Sportsman is a Step to Future Victory

Inspite of the successes and failures of our Olympic team, the work in the Medical Center of Whistler city does not stop.


[14:30] February 18, 2010

The Report from Olympic Vancouver. The Sport of Extreme Achievements and Modern Medical Technologies

The grant opening of the Olympic Games is over, the sports working days has started. Thanks to our special correspondent in Canadian Whistler we have an opportunity to glance at a backstage of the invisible struggle for the victory.


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