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Neuro-MEP-Micro (version 2009)

We would like to present you the modified and advanced Neuro-MEP-Micro (version 2009) 2-channel digital EMG and NCS system with a built-in miniature dedicated keyboard!

What’s the difference?

What’s the difference between Neuro-MEP-Micro (version 2009) and previous versions?

  1. The device digitizes the incoming signals with 100 kHz sampling rate per channel at 24 bits ADC. It allows receiving high-quality traces in any conditions. The speed and measurement accuracy of electrode impedance are also increased.
  2. Two software switchable outputs for the electrical stimulator connection allow a doctor to place two stimulating electrodes on a patient if it is necessary and connect them to the device. During the exam the recommutation of the electrodes is not required as the stimulating electrode is selected using the software. To connect the stimulating electrode, you can use both touch-proof and DIN connectors.
  3. Amplifier channels are optimized for needle EMG recording which allows increasing the noise immunity considerably, and so, the speed and quality of needle EMG acquisition.
  4. New options for auditory and photic stimulation are provided:
    • generation of contralateral masking noise at auditory stimulation;
    • pattern-stimulator with the point for eyes fixation.
  5. It is more convenient to use the new version of the device.

    The device is supplied with color graphic screen (resolution 128×128, dimensions — 1.5 inches). Thanks to it a doctor can track all the parameters and also check the electrodes placement quality during the test with stimulation.

    The built-in dedicated keyboard is supplemented with 7 extra keys and joystick.

    Now you can use adjustable electro stimulating probe while working with the device.

See also detailed description of Neuro-MEP-Micro (version 2009) digital system and new features of Neuro-MEP.NET software.

Publication date: December 18, 2009

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Updated 18.12.2009
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