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Myographic Courses in Varna

On 26-28 February 2009 more than 40 specialists from Bulgaria gathered together in “St. Constantine and Helena” beach resort near Varna city (before named “Druzhba” resort) where the intensive course on clinical neuromyography took place for the sixth time. The course was organized by Ilan Medical Company and Neurosoft Company.

We would like to thank our lecturers assoc. prof. Siyka Novachkova (ISUL, Sophia city, Bulgaria), assoc. prof. Plamen Tzvetanov (Pleven city, Bulgaria), doctor Sergey Nickolaev (Russian Federation) and doctor Ivan Lisichkin (Rousse city, Bulgaria) for interesting reports concerning actual topics on clinical neuromyography.

The individual lessons and workshop presented on Neurosoft Company equipment were provided within this course.


Publication date: March 23, 2009

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