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The Work is in Full Swing in the Medical Center of Russian Olympic Team in Beijing!

Since 2 August the treatment and diagnostic complex including digital ECG system Poly-Spectrum-8/EX and digital Rheo system Rheo-Spectrum-3 manufactured by our company and also the Hypoxi trainer operate in the rehabilitation center of Russian Federation team in the Olympic village and the medical center located in Beijing.

The Hypoxi trainer is the training system of the sportsmen by effecting the dosed physical exercise in combination with the low or high atmospheric pressure. The combined impact of the workload and the barometric pressure changes increases the impact efficiency on the cardiovascular system and the muscles of the lower extremities, contributes to the fast reduction of the adipose tissue excess.

The diagnostic devices allow to control the sportsman’s state before, during and after the exercising on the trainer which provides the safety and the individual selection of the optimum workload on the body. The control of all the components of the treatment and diagnostic complex is performed with the use of the personal computer with the specially developed software.

The joint work of our company employers, partners from Moscow, workers of Federal Agency for Physical Culture and Sport (Rossport), doctors and trainers of the leading Russian Federation teams allowed to create and test this complex to ensure its operation within such important event as the Olympic Games. Using a special channel any information from Beijing can be transmitted to the server installed in Federal Agency for Physical Culture and Sport (Rossport), thus the doctors of the rehabilitation center can get the on-line consultation of colleagues who did not join the medical support team in Beijing.

We hope that the experience of the domestic school of the sports medicine and the modern high technologies will contribute to the win of our team and wish only success to our sportsmen.

Photo report

The athlete Ksenia Afanasyeva is tested in Hypoxi trainer.

The member of the medical team of the laboratory diagnostics Tatyana Kozodyorova is examined on digital ECG system Poly-Spectrum-8/EX.

The head of the medical and biological team of the Russian Federation team on Olympiad 2008 Michail Beresnev is exercising in Hypoxi trainer.

Publication date: August 11, 2008

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Updated 11.08.2008
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